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EditorialWWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions: Tag Team Championship Match Order of Eliminations

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions: Tag Team Championship Match Order of Eliminations



When it comes to the Elimination Chamber matches, rather than just trying to predict the ultimate end result, I find it fun to take things up a notch and see if I can gaze into my crystal ball and figure out the rest of the match as well. Instead of simply guessing who scores the final pinfall, let’s try to apply that to all of the eliminations that will be taking place.

With that in mind, who will be the first duo eliminated in the WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match?

Elimination #1: Los Matadores

Can anybody really see Los Matadores eliminating anybody in this match? If they aren’t the first team eliminated, it will be simply because they haven’t made it out to the ring yet. They are the jobber entry in this set and should be easy to pick off by literally any of the other teams involved. Bonus negative points are awarded to them if they start off the match and lose to the next lowest team on the totem pole: The Prime Time Players. However, if I had to make a guess, I would say The Ascension or Tyson Kidd and Cesaro will be responsible for taking them out.

Elimination #2: The Prime Time Players

Unless WWE is going to give them a push due to Titus O’Neil being awarded for his paternal efforts, I can’t imagine him and Darren Young making it too far. Either they are the second team eliminated or the third, but to an extent, that’s almost moot. These two can be sacrificed to The Ascension or they can fall victim to Kidd and Cesaro or The Lucha Dragons. I’m not expecting The New Day to do much work here, as they are the heels. The babyface teams could use the extra emphasis to get the crowd pumped when seeing them advance, or The Ascension can turn their devalued lack of a push around by accomplishing something here. If I were booking things, Konnor and Viktor would eliminate The Prime Time Players, but I’d put more money on it being one of the babyface teams instead.

Elimination #3: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

These two are great, but they’ve already had their run with the titles and I don’t think they’ll be regaining them any time soon. WWE likes to book Elimination Chamber matches where the order of eliminations goes in a pattern of a heel and then a babyface (or vice versa) until the end, but that’s not always a guarantee. Los Matadores aren’t exactly evil villains, The Prime Time Players are faces but kind of jerks, and Kidd and Cesaro, while definitely faces in this match, could be the ones to fill that odd spot of two face teams being eliminated in a row. If WWE wants to make The Ascension worth anything, they will be the ones responsible for their exit so a new feud can start between those two teams.

Elimination #4: The Ascension

Welcome to the wasteland, fellas. There’s no way this match ends with two heel teams facing each other and since The New Day are going in as the champions, the likelihood of them being in the final two is far better than there being two new teams. By default, The Ascension have to be eliminated by the fourth turn, so they will either say goodbye with this spot or something beforehand. With the background The Lucha Dragons have defeating them for the NXT Tag Team Championship, who better to do the deed than Kalisto and Sin Cara? It would be a nice bit of continuity that despite the size difference, the luchadors just have something that makes them have an edge against this team.

Elimination #5: The Lucha Dragons

If anybody is going to feud with The New Day after this match is done, it has to be The Lucha Dragons. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro have already had their shots, Los Matadores are a joke, The Prime Time Players are not credible enough to take that spot and The Ascension are heels. By default, Kalisto and Sin Cara should have a strong showing. It’s too early to give them the titles, especially because The New Day is so hot right now. Therefore, the next best option is for them to be the final team to put up a fight. Ideally, since The New Day are heels, The Lucha Dragons will fall due to some kind of cheating, which will help their case when they challenge for the titles in a standard match without the involvement of four other teams.

Winners of the match: The New Day

If you’re interested in checking out my predictions for the Intercontinental Championship match, click here. Also, be sure to let me know what YOU think will be the order of eliminations for this match by leaving your predictions in the comments below!

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