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EditorialWWE Starrcade 2019 Results and Reactions Review

WWE Starrcade 2019 Results and Reactions Review



From its inception in 1983, Starrcade used to be one of the biggest shows of the year for NWA/WCW. Nowadays, it’s just a house show for WWE with a portion of it airing on the WWE Network.

That is the case once more with Starrcade 2019, as only one hour has been set aside to host two matches and a promo segment for this year’s event.

This post will act as a live results and ongoing running thoughts commentary review of my reactions to the segments as they go on. I invite everyone to do the same in the comments below with their own impressions!

Starrcade has begun!

The Kevin Owens Show with Ric Flair

  • “The host of the Kevin Owens Show…Kevin Owens” – pretty self-explanatory there.
  • The crowd is chanting “we can’t hear you” as there is some kind of issue with Flair’s microphone, but KO gives him his instead. Nice move, Owens. Further proof that he’s a valuable asset. Little details like that mean he does stuff all the time that show how he’s a professional.
  • Flair is feeling very reflective tonight.
  • The O.C. is out and immediately, my thoughts go to “Wait…just Gallows and Anderson? No AJ Styles?”
  • Do Gallows and Anderson really have many highlights to speak of? WWE hasn’t exactly given them much to do since signing with the company years ago. They’ve mostly been on the sidelines.
  • The Street Profits coming out was disappointing. I expected them to do more as they’re typically a ton more entertaining, but this was a rushed moment of just getting them out so they could start a match.
  • The match was meh and the bit of the stall for the pin with Anderson not having his shoulders down for a moment made it even more awkward.

RESULT: The Street Profits def. The O.C. by pinfall.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

  • Is anyone else still thrown off by Bayley’s music? It doesn’t fit her. It seems more like the generic music they’d put on Curt Hawkins or something.
  • Oh hey, speaking of music, The Kabuki Warriors actually have a new song instead of a cutup of their two themes.
  • ECHO echo echo
  • Nice recovery on the almost-botched nip up, Charlotte.
  • Kairi Sane seems to be having lots of fun as a heel. That’s cool to see.
  • Bliss probably wasn’t having a lot of fun with that backfist, though.
  • Shouldn’t there be many, many more instances of teams breaking up pins than what’s happened so far, just by sheer numbers and probability?
  • And now we’re close to the end, as this match has devolved into the typical spot of everyone doing one move.
  • Told ya. Nikki Cross taps out to the Asuka Lock.

RESULT: The Kabuki Warriors retained the titles by submission.

Last Man Standing Match: Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

  • In case you missed the riveting and uber-complicated storyline leading up to this point, here’s your recap. Good lord, I hate this feud.
  • Lana says there is no Last Man Standing match because of the restraining order. Given the time, this makes sense, as this was only supposed to be an hour long and it’s 7:57.

RESULT: Bobby Lashley wins by forfeit.

  • Kevin Owens comes out to save the day and point out that Lana hasn’t been using her “stupid Russian accent”. Ha.
  • Lashley offers the idea of giving Owens the ass whoopin’ that was meant for Rusev and he accepts for…a one-fall match…rather than a Last Man Standing match.
  • Zzzzzzzz.
  • Rusev must be coming out, as the fans are cheering. Ah, there he is. And since he attacks Lashley, you know what that means.

RESULT: Lashley wins by disqualification.

  • Rusev and Lashley continue to fight into the crowd.
  • Why are there always kendo sticks under the ring? There’s literally no explanation for it. They serve no function other than for people to beat each other up. It’s not like the ring bell or the chairs that are used for something. That’s something totally illogical that always gets under my skin about WWE.
  • “Hey Bob, catch this.” Rusev throws the chair and kicks him. I’ll admit, I chuckled at that.
  • Well, there’s proof that these house show specials suck. They had multiple chances this year to figure out a better formula and this just shows that WWE doesn’t want to put in any effort at all.

What did you think of Starrcade 2019? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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