Best Opponent for the Undertaker at WrestleMania?


Kevin Owens

This one is a pretty obvious choice. Minus the recent 50/50 booking, Owens has been portrayed to be the strong, ‘bully’ of the WWE. His current gimmick would coincide well with Taker at WrestleMania, because beating him would be somewhat of a “prize” for him. Owens’ work style can adapt to pretty much anyone, so he can slow down or speed up and make this match memorable, no matter how much Taker has aged.

Setting up the Feud:

This could be as easy as Owens going on a few week winning streak, taking a big win at Fastlane, and then calling out the Undertaker after his match. Even something as simple as a beatdown on Kane could ignite this feud.

Kevin Owens

Chris Jericho

While it would be more ideal to save Taker for an emerging star, there is no doubt that Y2J vs. Taker would be a draw, and a fun match to watch. Both men are past their prime, and both have won a bulk of the modern titles in WWE. With some daily DDP Yoga, Jericho can still go quite well in the ring, and does not need to be carried in any way. That match would be slightly slower paced, but that might not even be a bad thing.

Setting up the Feud:

Chris Jericho has never faced Taker at WrestleMania, so he could say he returned for that specific reason. He looks like he is turning heel with his mini AJ Styles program anyways, so this would work perfect for him to call out Taker. He could even play off the fact that he was the one that ended Taker’s title reign back in 2009.

Dean Ambrose

Much like Taker vs. Owens, this match would be a treat. The best way for this feud to happen is by Dean losing the Intercontinental championship. If Taker was to face Ambrose for the IC title, either Dean has to win, or Taker has to hold a title and defend or vacate it. While it definitely does add a layer of mystery to the match, it may be a short-sighted move. Since Dean is more of a physical brawler type, a match like this could be a throwback to something similar to Mankind vs. Taker. A specialty match, such as a no DQ match would probably serve best with these two. Taker is not afraid to take weapon shots or bleed (judging by his match with Lesnar at HIAC), and neither is Ambrose. This could end up being a bit of a modern hardcore classic, much like Foley vs. Orton (Backlash 2004) or Foley vs. Edge (WrestleMania 22), depending on how it went. Even with the PG era, it seems that Taker has a bit of wiggle room with his matches due to his position in the company.

Setting up the Feud:

They could play on Dean’s “crazy” persona, and say he is willing to take on anyone at WrestleMania. Then the gong hits. Slow build into some brawling, possibly with Taker costing him the IC title, then culminating in a no DQ match. Simple, yet effective booking.


This is the fantasy match that people wanted to see during the attitude era. Even with both men well past their prime, this would still be a blockbuster match. This would be reminiscent of Rock vs. Hogan. Not necessarily a technically sound match, but the larger than life personas would overtake that and make it nostalgic and enjoyable. This match would also be the most appealing to casual fans, and likely help finish selling out AT&T Stadium (not to mention add more subscribers to the WWE Network, for $9.99). The only issue with this one is whether Sting can even compete right now with his past injury from the Rollins match.

Setting up the Feud:

Sting going into the Hall of Fame is an easy setup for him coming out (provided he would be healthy enough for a match) and saying he wants the match with Taker to be his final match. Easy sign of respect match.


There are a few other options, such as Bray or Lesnar once again, or a NXT star such as Joe or Balor. Seeing repeats at WrestleMania are definitely not as fun, and Joe & Balor do not have much time to establish on the main roster and start a program with Taker at this point. Balor would be a huge stretch, but it could be a good catalyst to start the Balor Club faction. The fact that he has so many options is a good thing, so one can only hope it does not end up as Undertaker vs. Strowman, as that has Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez written all over it.

Who is your preferred opponent for Taker? Post below.

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