Lingomania! (N-P)



When a wrestler is close to being pinned. Usually 2 1/2 or 2 3/4s. Near-Falls are used in False finishes to add excitement to the match.

No Contest


When a match is stopped and not given a result. This could be because a wrestler picked up a serious injury, or because there was a lot of interference and it remains unclear who should be disqualified.


When a wrestler does not appear hurt when taking their opponent’s moves. This is usually associated with monsters to make them appear invulnerable to pain. The Undertaker used no-selling to great effect in the early days of his character. Sometimes no-selling is a bad thing, especially when it’s in a competitive match and one wrestler no-sells a finishing move, as it makes their opponent’s arsenal look weak.


When a wrestler does not show up for a match. This is usually done in storyline, but sometimes it can happen for real. When it happens for real it is highly unprofessional and the wrestler who no-shows may be ridiculed or face disciplinary action.

Nuclear Heat

A higher level of heat. From a fans POV, it’s when they become overly angry and upset with a promotion, wrestler, or angle. Also may refer to wrestler’s who have upset people backstage and is seen as difficult to work with.

Number-One Contender

When a wrestler is next in line for a title match. Number-One Contender status can be achieved by winning a number-one contenders match, or sometimes by defeating the champion in a non-title match.


When something is popular with the fans, it’s known as over. Babyfaces may be over by getting cheered, and heels may be over by getting jeers. Sometimes a wrestler doesn’t get the desired reaction, but is still talked about by many (which also means they over).

Sometimes a wrestler may not be over, but something associated with them is; best example would be Fandango and his entrance theme.


Instead of selling opponent’s moves correctly and making them look strong, the wrestler sells so much it looks ridiculous. Some wrestlers are natural sellers, and may go too far which is acceptable in small doses. In the case of Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels at Summerslam, the infamous match is known for HBK over-selling his moves, and making him look ridiculous in the process.

Outlaw Rule

In a four corners tag team match, teams may tag their opponents into the match. The New Age Outlaws are known to have taken advantage of that and pinned each other to win a match. Because of this, the “Outlaw Rule” was introduced which prohibits team mates from pinning each other in tag matches.


Giving out free tickets to give the illusion of a full house. This is usually done so events with low-ticket sales appear better on television.

Paper Champion

A weak transitional champion. This is usually done to bridge the gap between champions without having them face each other. One of the most famous paper champions was The Iron Sheik who bridged the gap between Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan.

Parts Unknown

A fictional location with the intention of being vague. It is used to add mystery to a wrestler’s characters. The Ultimate Warrior was from Parts Unknown, and Stardust was from a variation called “The 5th Dimension”.

Paying Dues

Veteran wrestlers expect new guys to “pay their dues” by starting out as a jobber and working their way up. They may also expect them to take ribs (pranks that may be harsher than usual) and be a good sport about it, so they can be accepted by the lockerroom.

When a wrestler gains a high position in the company in a short time, the veterans may resent them and feel they have not paid their dues, and have not earned their position. Fans may feel the same way if a wrestler is pushed too much after their debut, as they feel they have not earned their respect yet.


The reward for an angle paying off in the end. This is usually when a babyface finally overcomes their heels opponent(s) and win the title, much to the delight of the fans.

Phantom Bump

When a wrestler of referee takes a bump despite the move being botched or not being present at all. Very awkward.


Holding a wrestler down on the mat so the referee can count to three for the victory. Both shoulders must be kept on the mat for the pinfall to count. Lance Storm criticizes wrestlers who “hook the leg”, because more often than not they’re not holding their opponents shoulders down, which is more believable and adds an element of urgency. With the hooking of the leg, it looks good, but more than not they won’t lean over and it allows the opponent to raise their shoulder easily.

Pin-falls can occur just by laying across the opponent in some manner. And in certain submission holds, the wrestler applying has to be careful with their shoulders so the referee does not start a pinfall count against them. In normal matches, pin-falls can also be stopped by reaching the ropes for a rope break.

Pipe Bomb

A worked shoot promo. It is a promo which appears real, but is in fact scripted with the intent of sounding real. The bookers are aware of what would be said, and the excitement generated would be used to further future storylines. CM Punk named it the Pipe Bomb.


When a wrestler or actor poses as a fan at ringside. They will get involved with a match, attack someone, or be interviewed to further an angle.


The main commentator who calls the action. They keep the show moving forward, while reacting to comments made by the color commentator. Their primary job is to call the match, although in WWE this isn’t always the case. The best play-by-play commentators know the names of the wrestling holds, and relevant statistics to make the wrestlers sound good.


A wrestler who is good at making connections with management and the lockerroom. They know what to say, and by doing so may get preferential treatment over other wrestlers who may not get along with management too well.


A loud cheer, a positive reaction from the crowd. Pops are most common when a wrestler’s music hits.

Popcorn Match

A match that no one really cares for. It’s a match which is going to suck regardless, so it gives fans incentive to take a toilet break and go to the concession stands. A good way to break up main events.

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