Lingomania! (N-P)



Heels use the tactic of ‘playing possum’ to lure their opponent in for a surprise attack. Rarely used by babyfaces.



To run or to be thrown into the ring post.


An intentional punch during a match. Sometimes done when the wrestler’s are close to the crowd to make it feel more real. A veteran wrestler may potato a rookie if they feel they are taking liberties.

Powdering (Out)

To roll out of the ring after taking a bump. Normally used by heels to “catch their breath” and frustrate their opponent. Is seen a lot during multi-wrestler matches so they can take turns at squaring off one-on-one in the ring.


A series of matches where rivals square off to enhance their feud. A program may end prematurely if it’s not getting the desired reactions, or it may continue for several months before the company decides to put an end to it.


When a wrestler is ‘cutting a promo’, they are talking to their rival, promotion, or the audience about their current state. Promos are not limited to one individual, and may also occur in backstage interviews. The best promos are remembered for decades.


The story of a match. The best wrestlers know how to tell the story they are portraying in matches. Psychology can be as simple as a wrestler targeting a body part that’s been injured in a previous attack.

Pull Apart

A brawl that’s got so out-of-hand officials and wrestlers are sent to pull them apart.


The word for professional wrestling in Japan.

Push / Put Over

A push is an on-screen promotion for a wrestler. They fight higher on the card against tougher opponents and reap the benefits. A push is usually given when the wrestler gets loud reactions and sells lots of merchandise; although bookers may push someone due to their look.

To be put over means to enhance the popularity of the wrestler. Most commonly used to describe a wrestler who loses to another. “He really put that guy over last night! He sold that match good too”. When a wrestler is put over by their opponents a lot, it may be considered a push (unless they are champion already).

And that’s all for today. I can feel Lingomania’s end on the horizon. I will confirm there will be five more volumes of The Best Of British, and the next will be up in the next couple of days. Thanks for reading.

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