The Best Of British, Vol. 5


Rockstar Spud (English)

5’4, 140 Ibs. The litte man from Birmingham has been wrestling since 2001. He went by the name of Spud, til he changed it up with a rock star gimmick (based on obnoxious 80’s rock stars) on the independent scene in 2010. In 2012 he signed with TNA Wrestling and worked live events.

In 2013, Spud became a contestant on the British reality TV show ‘TNA British Boot Camp’ alongside Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins. Mark ‘Rollerball’ Rocco was the main presenter and mentor of the show. I remember watching Spud going round town drinking (despite being told he was in early for training the next day) and having a blast, but the next day he couldn’t get over his hangover and puked in front of Mark Rocco; who tried to make an example out of him.

Despite Spud’s problems with committing to the competition, the fans preferred him over the others. After several weeks of training, challenges, and matches, the public voted and made Rockstar Spud the winner. Challenge TV stated it was a ratings hit, and the show was given a good review by the Daily Star.

Spud surged in popularity after debuting as a full-time on-air personality. During the time of ‘Team Dixie’ (when Carter played a heel and lead a villainous stable) he was appointed ‘Chief Of Staff’. In 2013, Dixie ordered Spud to break into AJ Styles’ house and take the World Championship back.

After MVP returned to the company as the Director Of Operations, he fired Spud as TNA no longer needed a Chief Of Staff. Dixie soon returned and reinstated Spud, where he aligned himself with her kayfabe nephew Ethan Carter III. Spud remained loyal to EC3 for many months. After Bully Ray power bombed Dixie through a table, EC3 blamed the incident on Spud and humiliated him for weeks. In the end, Spud stood up for himself and attacked EC3; turning face for the first time in his TNA career.

On the UK tour, the feud between EC3 and Spud reached new heights. After EC3 shaved a defenseless Jeremy Borash, Spud challenged him to a Hair vs. Hair match in London. The two squared off in a bloody contest which may be considered his biggest match to date; even if he lost and had his head shaved.

In 2015, Spud became a two-time X-Division champion, first by cashing in his Feast Or Fired contract on Low Ki, and the second by winning a gauntlet match. Spud decided to vacate the X-Division title (Option C) for a World Championship title match against Kurt Angle at Destination X. Despite Spud’s best efforts, he tapped out to the anklelock, and the Olympic Gold Medallist showed him respect afterwards.

In 2016, Spud made a surprise heel turn by joining Matt Hardy’s stable. With EC3 now playing the face, Spud explained his reasoning as wanting to get the revenge he never got on his former employer for what happened in in London. After a short time with the Matt Hardy Brand, Matt transformed into ‘Broken Matt Hardy’, who was no longer interested in the services of Spud and Tyrus. Spud tried to reason with Matt, but was unable to get through to him.

Rockstar Spud continues to wrestle in TNA. He is likely to become the most popular underdog wrestler to ever come out of the UK. He’s small, but he packs a punch’ he’s like a pitbull. His wrestling style is unique, he can brawl, but he can also switch to an X-Division style when needed. His mic skills are better than most, and often filled with passion. While he suits being heel, he’s yet to see title success in TNA in the role. As an underdog babyface, he could become the Rey Mysterio of the UK years down the line. Is he WWE material? That remains to be seen.

Robbie Brookside (English)

Robbie is the former tag team partner of Steven (William) Regal in UK promotions. He wrestled between 1984-2013. In the 90’s, Robbie spent six months in WCW and had several matches on Nitro. On an episode of Raw in 2007, he worked a 3-on-1 handicap match against Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga; Shane chose him because he had “seen him take six men in a local pub”. He had matches against Snitsky and Maven as well.

At a WWE House Show in 2011, William Regal announced Robbie was in the crowd, and credited his success to him, as well as Sheamus and Wade Barrett. In 2013, he officially retired from wrestling, as he became a trainer for NXT.

He’s been one the UK’s top wrestlers over the past thirty years, having won many of Britain’s top championships. He’s influenced many, and continues to do so with NXT as he and other talent (like Norman Smiley and William Regal) mold the future of WWE. It’s safe to say the future is in good hands with Robbie Brookside

Bram (English)

He has wrestled since 2002. He worked the independent scene til WWE signed him to a development contract in 2010. He debuted in FCW as Kenneth Cameron, and joined The Ascension in 2011. The group didn’t last long due to Conor O’Brian’s (Konnor) injury, so Cameron went out on his own (still using the dark gimmick) and managed an impressive three-month winning streak.

When O’Brian returned from injury, he aligned with Cameron again and The Ascension returned as a tag team. When WWE rebranded FCW into NXT, the team debuted and began a winning streak against teams like The Usos and Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd. WWE terminated his contract after he was charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication.

He worked the independent scene before debuting as ‘Bram’ in 2014 for TNA Wrestling. He was partnered with Magnus, but the relationship soon turned sour as he attacked Magnus in the backstage area. The feud saw Bram threaten Magnus and his wife Mickie James, and culminated with Magnus beating him in a No DQ match. Bram had matches with Abyss and Tommy Dreamer which showcased his Hardcore style; after defeating Abyss in a Stairway to Janice Match, Bram declared himself the new ‘King Of Hardcore’.

Since 2015, Bram has been used as a mid-carder in TNA. He’s had various feuds, which includes a tag team rivalry with Eric Young against Beer Money. In April of this year, Eric Young was scheduled to debut with NXT, so he claimed he was going to take the King Of The Mountain Championship and Bram with him. Bram refused to go, and instead challenged EY for the title; turning face. Bram defeated Young to claim his first major singles championship of his career. A month later, he lost the title to Eli Drake.

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