The Best Of British, Vol. 7


Neville (English)

The Man That Gravity Forgot – I’ve been a fan of this Geordie lad since he was wrestling as Pac in 1PW. He was an exciting prospect for years before WWE signed him to NXT. He is known as one of the greatest high-flyers of all time before stepping foot in a WWE ring. In WWE he is a former NXT Champion, and NXT Tag Team Champion. Outside WWE he won several championships, including the PWG World Tag Team title with Roderick Strong.

He’s returned from injury, but will he be lost in the mix like his first run on the main roster? His mic skills are nothing to write home about, but he’s consistently exciting in the ring .. and let’s be honest, he hasn’t been pushed to the limit since he wrestled Bo Dallas in NXT. He needs a high profile feud, and a singles championship to make a name for himself on Monday Night Raw. In the meantime, enjoy 65 moves we know Neville can perform, but at least 3/4 of those won’t be allowed in WWE. It shows how athletic he really is.


Wade Barrett (English)

I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some BAD News!” – Safe to say I’ve always been a fan since he debuted as the leader of The Nexus. Had Cena not buried him (Jericho and Edge can confirm it), his career may have taken a different path. I loved the “Bad News” gimmick so much I’m going to include THREE Bad News segments for you all to enjoy. What else can I say about him? He’s one of the best British talents WWE ever had, and just as they found something which suited his personality and look, they ripped it away and made him the “King”. Like all English wrestlers need to be a “King” at some point. Vintage WWE stereotyping!

Paige (English)

<3 Paige. Having wrestled since she was 13-years-old, Paige is already a ten year pro. Most wrestlers are still in development in their early twenties, but she can claim to be a NXT Women’s Champion, and two-time Divas Champion. Before signing with WWE she wrestled as Britani Knight in her parents British wrestling promotion, and across Europe in the independents. She was first noticed due to the documentary about her life called “The Wrestlers – Fighting With My Family” which aired on Channel 4 in 2012.

A highly recommended watch for any Paige fan. Despite her age, she is already the most popular and accomplished British female wrestler of all time, and it’s going to be hard to beat what she’s done. Paige is likely to be a multiple-time Women’s Champion over the next 10-20 years as she battles other young female talent like Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Nigel McGuinness (English)

London’s Calling – If you don’t know who this man is, you should be given a Jawbreaker Lariat. He became the second British World Heavyweight Champion ever when he won the ROH World Championship in 2007. He was also the longest reigning ROH Pure Champion. McGuinness was part of the surge of talent in ROH during the mid-2000s, as he wrestled opponents like Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries, Takeshi Morishima, Davey Richards, Pac, Kenta, Doug Williams, and many others.

His most famous rivalry was against Bryan Danielson over the ROH World and Pure Championships. Essentially, the chemistry between them was unparalleled. McGuinness was one of a few men who could go toe-to-toe and hold-for-hold with Bryan in his prime. They got the best out of each other in every match, and the ROH fans were lucky to witness some of the greatest matches in the history of the company during their epic rivalry.

Nigel decided to leave ROH in 2009 to wrestle for WWE. After failing a pre-screening physical test, he signed with TNA Wrestling instead. Under the new name Desmond Wolfe, he made his debut by attacking Kurt Angle. They began a heated feud which lasted for several months til Angle won a two-out-of-three falls match at Final Resolution. He was lost in the shuffle after introducing new manager ‘Chelsea’. He was involved in the feud between Immortal and Fortune (Fourtune) and looked likely to join Fortune as a full-time member.

Flair chose four TNA Originals to represent Fortune, leaving Wolfe out. He and Chelsea aligned themselves with Magnus to form the London Brawling tag team; which didn’t see much success. In 2011 he spent a short time as the Xplosion commissioner before returning to ROH. He retired from wrestling in 2012 after finding out he had contracted hepatitis B during his time in TNA. Since then he’s been known as ROH match maker, and occasional commentator. His career was cut short through no fault of his own, but at least he remains in ROH and is passionate about getting talent over.

He is one of the best ‘wrestlers’ to come out of the United Kingdom. He might not get the recognition he deserves, but to anyone who saw his work, we will remember his career as one filled with wrestling excellence. Below is a highlight reel of one of the best ROH matches of all time; I wanted to find the full match but the company doesn’t like that and always gets any videos blocked. Enjoy the master class!

William Regal (English)

“The Gentleman Villain” – I’ve heard many say he’s one of the best British wrestlers of all time and should’ve been WWE Champion at least once. It fills me with joy when I see Regal on NXT, as he’s so suited to the role. He’s very knowledgable in the ring and on the microphone. He’s someone who did it all as a glorified enhancement talent in WWE and WCW. Sad really, because he could’ve been more than a commissioner or the man who kissed Vince’s backside on television.

Regardless of what he achieved (or didn’t), he is a certified future WWE Hall Of Famer. And that’s all from me today. I could have gone into Regal’s career with more detail, but I think the articles long enough. So instead i’m going to leave you with a classic main event caliber contest between The British Bulldog and Lord Steven Regal on WCW PPV. Enjoy! And thanks for reading chaps.

Having decided who will feature in the last two volumes, I will end with the following question:

Considering the talent featured thus far, which wrestlers do you believe will appear in Volume 8 and 9? Let’s see if anyone can guess right!

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