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08/05/2019 Official WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: SummerSlam Go-Home Show


WWE has released this week’s quick hits preview for WWE Raw. You can view them along with excerpts below to get ready for tonight’s episode as we continue down the path to SummerSlam!

Of course, eWrestlingNews will have all of the Monday Night Raw coverage tonight beginning at 8 P.M. Eastern:

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How injured is Seth Rollins heading into his SummerSlam battle with Brock Lesnar?

As Seth Rollins squared off against Dolph Ziggler this past Monday night on Raw, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar made a surprise appearance on the red brand, unleashing on The Architect with a savage succession of F-5s, even going so far as to assault Rollins as he was being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher.
Rollins underwent a series of evaluations at a local medical facility but refused to disclose any details regarding his medical condition to WWE Digital. As such, and given Rollins’ silence since that night, it remains to be seen what kind of damage The Beast Incarnate doled out to his SummerSlam challenger.
Lesnar will be in the house for the final Raw before SummerSlam. Will The Kingslayer also make an appearance?

Was someone responsible for the Roman Reigns forklift incident?

In the closing moments of Tuesday night’s SmackDown LIVE, improperly secured lighting equipment nearly crushed Roman Reigns, and although an investigation determined that the near-catastrophe was caused by forklift driver error, speculation abounds that someone was specifically targeting The Big Dog.
If that’s the case, who could have been responsible? Might it have been Samoa Joe, who brawled with Reigns on Raw when their “Samoan Summit” to squash their beef ended before it started? What about Drew McIntyre, whose personal issues with Reigns are far from over after a series of brutal encounters? Could “The Best in the World” Shane McMahon have had a hand in orchestrating a deliberate plot to put Reigns on the shelf … or worse? Or was this simply an accident caused by human error on the part of the forklift operator, whose identity has not been revealed?

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