1,000th RAW News: ‘X-Pac’ Confirmed + Legends Battle Royal?


— Look for some sort of Legends Battle Royal tonight on RAW. There were also plans to have a major Legends “beatdown” on Heath Slater. Basically, all the Legends will hit their finishers on Slater after he cuts a promo bashing them. We’ll have more on this later today.

— As a reminder once again, WWE will host a special RAW Pre-Show that will stream live on WWE.com and on WWE’s official YouTube channel, FanNation (YouTube.com/WWEFanNation).

— Sean “X-Pac” Waltman posted the following on Twitter today…

Since everyone is saying they’re on their way to St. Louis. I might as well go too. Since when did I need an invitation?

“DX” is scheduled to open the show and with X-Pac coming in, Billy Gunn reportedly confirmed and The Road Dogg already working for WWE, we could be in for a much larger DX reunion.

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