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News15 Matches To Tribute The Career Of Bryan Danielson.

15 Matches To Tribute The Career Of Bryan Danielson.



American Dragon vs. Low-Ki – APW King Of The Indies 2001

The earliest recorded match (as far as I know) in the career of Bryan Danielson. He would go on to have a classic with Low-Ki and Christopher Daniels at the first ROH show in 2002.

Brian Danielson vs. John Cena – Velocity 2003

Not his debut WWE match (was against Jamie Noble but had no room for it), but one that is ironic considering how far they came in the following ten years.

ROH Unified 2006 – Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness for the ROH World & Pure Championships

Can’t believe I found this to be honest, because ROH are exceptionally against historic PPV matches being seen for free. Apologies ROH, but I had to post this as it’s a career-defining match which everyone should be able to see.

Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA – Glory By Honor V (2006)

A classic for the ROH World Championship. Just like the previous match, it’s exceptionally difficult to find so you should watch this before the copyright police get their hands on it.

Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima (c)

Their epic encounter from Manhattan Mayhem 2 in 2007. Danielson challenged Morishima for the title once again. This was also Match Of The Year.

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black (2008)

I’m hoping this is the right one. Please let me know if this is the one from New Horizons 2008. If it’s not, you still get to see Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins before they were named as such.

Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi (2009)

I looked around for the full match but it’s impossible. So here’s some highlights of Bryan’s last indy PPV match before signing with WWE.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler – Champion vs. Champion (2010)

Although I can admit Bryan’s victory over the US Champion The Miz was his first big WWE match, I decided to add this champion vs. champion contest instead. It was close to being named Match of the Year. If HBK vs. Taker didn’t tear the house down at Wrestlemania, it probably would’ve been.

Money In The Bank 2011

Moving on up. Bryan battled other Smackdown wrestlers to get his hands on the briefcase for a match against the World Heavyweight Champion.

Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk (c) – Over The Limit 2012

Bryan and Punk fought in an indy fans wet dream match for the WWE Championship. Needless to say, the wrestling was quality, but the PPV didn’t sell as well as officials hoped. This is probably my favourite match of Bryan’s in WWE.

Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena (c) – Summerslam 2013

Bryan was made a Hall of Famer on this day. Not many can say they defeated Cena clean in the main event of a major PPV for the WWE Championship.

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H – Wrestlemania XXX

It was inevitable who would win, but the storytelling was amazing, and it gave fans hope of a memorable main event at Wrestlemania XXX.

Daniel Bryan vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton (c) – Wrestlemania XXX

Bryan’s career defining moment. Yes!

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns – Fast Lane 2015

The fans expected an average number one contenders match, but even in defeat Bryan put in a valiant effort and made Reigns look great in the process. Bryan’s last great singles match.

Ladder Match For The Intercontinetal Championship – Wrestlemania 31

Bryan’s final achievement, winning gold once again at Wrestlemania; and this time in a Ladder match. Sadly this wouldn’t have happened had Bryan not been sidelined with his neck injury. Thanks for reading everyone.

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