15+ Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Joey Ryan, More on The Impact Firings


We reported late Monday night here on eWn that Joey Ryan and Dave Crist have been fired from Impact Wrestling. Michael Elgin has also been suspended.

According to reports, Joey Ryan has been hit with more than 15 allegations of sexual misconduct over the past few days. This led to him deactivating his Twitter account and shutting down his Bar Wrestling promotion. Crist has also been accused of sexual misconduct. One of the claims against him said he was sexually grooming a woman and sending her unwanted explicit photos. He’s also been accused of physical abuse and sexual assault by an ex-girlfriend.

Elgin has been accused of sending unwanted photos of his penis to a woman. Several other allegations from the past, including his alleged cover-up of a wrestler who worked for his Glory Pro Wrestling company and a sexual assault case in 2017, have also resurfaced.

Joey Ryan was scheduled to be part of a six-man tag-team match along with Rob Van Dam and Jacob Crist against Crazzy Steve and two mystery wrestlers on this week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast. According to Pwinsider, Impact officials worked all day on Monday to remove any traces of Joey Ryan from the show and the match will not be be airing.

As of this writing, there is no word on how Jacob Crist, Rob Van Dam or Katie Forbes will be used going forward. The company has removed Dave Crist and #CancelCulture from its official website.

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