2 EVOLVE Talents Sign With WWE, Babatunde Signed To Big Rematches


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We want to thank all the fans who attended last weekend’s EVOLVE events in Atlanta and Concord. We want to extend an extra special thank you to JD Drake and Anthony Henry, who put on a special match in the North Carolina Backyard Fight at EVOLVE 138. You can watch all the action now on Club WWN. We have some news as we look towards the next events. Let’s get to it….
Henry & Drake Not Done: JD Drake and Anthony Henry were both banged up and sore all week after the North Carolina Backyard Fight. Drake suffered a cut on his hand that needed treatment right after the match, but he was back bowling the next day! Henry has made it clear that “he’s not done yet.” We will have more on this next week.
Babatunde vs. Kingston Signed: EVOLVE 137 saw Babatunde vs. Eddie Kingston end in a no contest when the referee ended the match after excessive brawling in the crowd. We will get a final battle between Babatunde and Kingston. It will be Babatunde vs. Eddie Kingston in a relaxed rules match at EVOLVE 139 on November 9th in Queens, NY. If any member of The Unwanted interferes, they will be suspended. This feud will end one-on-one at La Boom. Tickets are now on sale at Etix.com.
Babatunde vs. JD Drake Rematch Set: Babatunde vs. JD Drake was tearing down the house at EVOLVE 130 in Brooklyn before The Unwanted interfered. We will finally get the rematch with a conclusive winner at EVOLVE 140 on November 10th in Brooklyn, NY! Tickets are now on sale at Etix.com.
EVOLVE 138 Recap: Unlike Anything Ever In EVOLVE
EVOLVE 138 Recap:
Unlike Anything Ever In EVOLVE
Shotzi Blackheart Signs With NXT: We witnessed a great moment last Friday in Atlanta, GA when NXT General Manager William Regal offered Shotzi Blackheart a WWE contract. WWE covered it and the video has received over 350,000 views across WWE’s social media platforms! Congrats, Shotzi! We are excited to announce that Shotzi Blackheart isn’t done in EVOLVE yet. She is confirmed for EVOLVE on November 9th in Queens, NY and November 10th in Brooklyn, NY. This could be your last chance to get pictures and autographs with Blackheart before she becomes a WWE Superstar!
Congrats To Referee Stephon Smith: The first EVOLVE Recruitment Camp last April saw Stephon Smith earn a full time job in EVOLVE. NXT referee Drake Wuertz, who was a guest instructor at the camp, took note of Smith. We are very excited to congratulate Stephon Smith on receiving a WWE contract! Smith refereed the dark match before NXT live on USA last Wednesday. The match included former EVOVLE competitor and current NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush and current EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory. Congrats, Stephon!
ATTN: WRESTLERS, REFEREES & MANAGERS: The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout has a strong track record of success with Stephon Smith being the latest success story! The next 3-day EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will be rescheduled for January. We will have more information soon. There are two EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts set for the reminder of 2019. They will be on November 10th in Brooklyn, NY and December 7th in Chicago, IL. Go to the WWNLive.com Seminar/Tryout section for info.
Referee Stephon Smith was discovered in an EVOLVE Recruitment Camp. Here is a picture from last Wednesday’s NXT live TV event at Full Sail. EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory will return to EVOLVE on November 9th in Queens, NY and November 10th in Brooklyn, NY. Will this be his final EVOVLE weekend?
ACW This Saturday: ACW returns to action this Saturday in Port Richey, FL with some of WWN’s top prospects. You can watch all the action live on Club WWNGo here for show info. The lineup has:
Celtic Sinners Reunite!
CJ O’Doyle & Sideshow vs. ACW Cruiserweight Champion Sage Scott & Jackson Duvalier
A Bout Not Sanctioned by WWN – No DQ Fight!
The Storm vs. Francisco Ciatso w/ Stormie Lee
ACW Heavyweight Championship Match
Damien Angel vs. Cyrus Satin
ACW Tag Team Championship Match
OAO of Troy Hollywood & Hunter Law vs. The Metro Brothers of Chris Metro & JC Metro w/ Skinny Vinny
ACW Women’s Championship Match
Avery Taylor vs. The debuting Kelsey Heather
ACW Combat Championship Match
Danny Vincent vs. Kavron Kanyon
Grudge Match
Snoop Strikes of OAO vs. Steven Frick
Women’s Division Showcase
Stormie Lee vs. Katalina Perez
Special Challenge Match
Faboo Andre w/ “Superstar” Sean Davis vs. Tony Donati
EVOLVE Announcements Monday: We’ll have lots of EVOLVE news next week. Stay tuned!!!
Conclusion: We appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to read the WWN Alerts. We’ll be back next week with lots of news. Have a great weekend!

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