2 More Fan Emails On Obstructed WrestleMania 29 Views


Adam Karten sent this one along:

I felt the need to tell you, because we had a negative experience at WM last night. 2 friends and I sat in section 118, and paid $200 per ticket for our seats. Little did we know that a huge pillar would be in the middle of the ring and blocked the entire middle of the ring for us. Check out the attached picture. We tried to go to guest services along with hundreds of others, but all they did was give us a phone # to the Stamford WWE location. We have since submitted a few inquires into WWE and are awaiting their feedback. I will let you know if they do anything to right this situation. I felt like you guys may have wanted to post about this since it was ridiculous and our entire section essentially paid $200 each to watch Mania on TV. I’m sure we weren’t the only section to be affected either.

Bill sent this one along:

Last night, our seats were in section 333 in the upper bowl, and our seats were completely obstructed and with the large pillars lined up in the dead center of the ring. We could only see two of the turnbuckles. After giving it a shot during the pre-show match, I decided to say something. Since my friend and I hadn’t paid to watch TV on the large screen for 4+ hours, I went to Guest Services, and they were extremely helpful. They told me that they would contact us after the show had started, when seats could no longer be sold and they had a better idea of how many extras were available. We watched the opening Six Man Tag from our seats, and then during Mark Henry’s entrance in the following match, someone came and got us, and told us to go to the WWE table on the 200 level. We went, they took our current tickets, and handed us tickets in section 137 (which is one over from dead center, on the field level, but above the floor seats). My friend and I were in disbelief of the new seats, and we could now see the ring and the stage clearly. The only part not visible was the majority of the ramp, which was blocked by a production tent, but that was the least of my worries. The staff was extremely helpful, and the new seats were amazing, and it immediately turned a disappointing experience into a truly awesome one.

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