2 WWE Main Event Episodes This Week + Orton Trends


— The following is the official description for the new Star Wars webisode featuring WWE Superstar CM Punk: “Feeling the pressure of finding the lightsaber with time ticking away Matt Mira resorts to desperate measures…Bounty Hunters! Wil enlisting the likes of Michael Rooker, CM Punk, Danica McKellar and Steve Jones save the day? Watch and see!”

WWE is set to air a special Money in the Bank preview episode of WWE Main Event this week, which will include all the competitors in the MITB matches a the PPV. The episode will immediately follow the regular episode. The Money In The Bank special TV description reads as follows: “An inside look at this year’s Money in the Bank match and all the former champions involved.”

— According to Monday’s WWE RAW, Randy Orton was trending worldwide at number one on Twitter during the beginning of hour number two of the show.

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