2K Releases Patches For WWE 2K17


2K Games released a giant patch for the recently released WWE 2K 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here are the details:

WWE 2K17 – Patch 1.02 PS4/XB1 Notes

Patch 1.02 should be rolling out soon across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s what you can expect.


• Fixed an issue where downloading WWE Community Creations content with over 14 custom logos could cause save data issues


• The alternate submission mini-game has been tuned to last longer. Limb Damage is now weighted more heavily in the mini-game. The penalty for incorrect button presses has also been removed

• Adjusted Alternate Submission AI for Hard and Legend Difficulty so that COM Superstars behave more human-like. COM Superstars now have a higher chance of a delayed response time to button input changes and also input the wrong button press with greater frequency

• Major Reversals no longer grant a buff to the reversing Superstar. The Major Reversal buff only minorly impacted in buffing Submission Offense and prevented players from receiving a more substantial buff by taunting after performing the Major Reversal. By removing the Major Reversal buff, players can now taunt after a Major Reversal and still get the benefits of a taunt buff

• Addressed several instances in which finisher stocks were not consumed correctly

• Fixed exploits with several moves that could not be reversed as well as with moves that didn’t consume a reversal slot

• Superstars now correctly gain momentum when reversing a diving attack while grounded

• Fixed issues with the Escape Artist OMG! move not triggering properly

• Superstars can now reverse apron springboard attacks form the seated position

• Fixed an issue where performing various moves wasn’t awarding momentum properly

• Superstars no longer lose a reversal stock when interrupted during a Charged Finisher by an apron-side grapple

• Addressed several warping issue that occurred when interacting with ladders or opponents on ladders

• COM Superstars will now leave the crowd area to attempt to stop an opponent from grabbing the briefcase during ladder matches

• A COM Superstar now recovers properly after receiving a minor head injury while in the crawling state

• Barricades no longer appear restored after another barricade has been broken through

• Addressed a framerate issue that could occur during pin attempts by the announce table

• Addressed clipping and collision issues that occur when fighting near the ramp and stage in custom arenas

• Fixed a visual issue that occurred when performing the King of Swing OMG! move with a custom Superstar

• Fixed an issue in which COM Superstars could get stuck and become unhittable during Triple Threat ladder matches

• Addressed a warping issue that could occur when grappling the referee during a match

• Diving onto an opponent lying on a ladder bridge will now cause the ladder bridge to collapse

• The bottom rope elimination gauge in Battle Royal and Royal Rumble matches has been tuned so that elimination triggers are now more accurate

• Improved framerate stability when breaking out of certain Superstars’ entrances

• Fixed several moves where Superstars would sell the wrong injured body part after an opponent performed the move

• The elimination gauge no longer appears for a user in a Battle Royale match who is not involved in the elimination attempt

• Fixed an issue that occurred when attempting a strong strike against an opponent performing a reversal animation

• Addressed a framerate issue that occurred when holding a trash can in the backstage area

• Fixed an issue with Superstars colliding with the apron and receiving unintentional damage when performing a top rope move to a grounded opponent at ringside


• Improved the stability of the online experience

• Addressed an issue with missing info on the Player Info screen

• Fixed an issue that occurred when the host selected a COM slot in the lobby after the completion of a multi-man Private match


• The user now receives a greater share of scheduled tag team matches while in the tag team division, making it easier to attain ally points

• Users are now less likely to encounter multiple consecutive weeks without a match scheduled for the MyCareer Superstar

• T-Shirt sales now start on Week 1 of May, after the tutorial has been completed

• Fixed an issue where the MyCareer Superstar didn’t appear on the T-Shirt Sales screen if the attire in Options was set to ENTRANCE ATTIRE

• MyCareer-specific Superstars (e.g. Barron Blade, Jayden Jet, etc.) and MyCareer Invasion Superstars now have unique personality traits

• When already in a rivalry, the user can no longer schedule a call out promo against a different, non-rival Superstar

• The crowd is no longer unnaturally quiet in the opening cutscene


• Addressed an issue in which additional match cards were added to a show card after editing a match card to be a title match

• Users are now able to manually switch control of tag partners in Universe matches

• Addressed a stability issue that could occur after deleting the Raw show without replacing it and proceeding to Tonight’s Show

• Addressed an issue where a Custom Superstar could win a championship after a self-promotion promo

• The “Weeks Held” statistic now tracks properly regardless of the champion holding the title

• Fixed an issue in which rivalries featuring a custom tag team didn’t remain active after creation

• Proceeding to the Highlight Reel no longer blocks the user from selecting “Next Match”

• Changes made by reassigning a championship to another Superstar will now save after exiting WWE Universe without the need to play or simulate a Universe match first

• Fixed an issue with saving changes made to a PPV Match Theme

• The third manager in a match with three managers is now playable


• COM Superstars now use promo-specific abilities (Brawl, Taunt, Stare Down) during promos

• The crowd now reacts when Superstars use a promo-specific ability

• Adjusted the duration and volume of crowd chants during promos


• Fixed an issue in which Alternate Attire Superstars did not appear properly during entrances

• Fixed an issue where audience members could float during a match

• Spotlights no longer appear on Superstars in daytime matches in the WrestleMania 31 arena

• Superstar entrance screen effects now display properly during shows that have a screen filter applied to the show

• Addressed a number of issues for clothing clipping into a Superstar’s body

• Addressed an unnatural shine in certain Superstars’ hair when observed on the main menu

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