4 More Live Reports From The WrestleMania 29 PPV


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* First Report Credit: Adam Riemer

Since this was my first-ever experience attending WrestleMania I will say that I had an absolute blast, but more for the experience and less for the matches and their outcomes.

– First, I’m not sure how it came off on TV, but C.M. Punk was way over. More people were going nuts for Punk than Undertaker and it was definitely a pro-Punk crowd from where I was sitting. There were loud “C.M. Punk” chants all pre-show and throughout that match.

– The fans were chanting heavily for Dolph Ziggler to cash in during the World Title match. Loud “We Want Ziggler” chants were ringing through the arena, and people booed heavily when Del Rio won without a cash-in from Ziggler.

– The crowd reacted pretty negatively to Brock vs Triple H, and the ending didn’t help. The only major pop was HBK giving Sweet Chin Music to Paul Heyman. A small “boring” chant broke out in my section.

– John Cena was the most hated guy. Hands down. The crowd was very anti-Cena and the “Cena Sucks” chants were the loudest I’ve ever heard. The ending was horrible for those wishing for something different other than the Hogan vs. Warrior ending. The crowd definitely booed the ending heavily and cared nothing for the whole “pass the torch” finish.

Overall, the event was awesome to actually be at, but it was quite uneventful. It seems strange they didn’t use a Divas match or the mixed tag to break up the action just a little.

* Second Report Credit: Kathy Deal

– The weather played no part in the show. It was 60 degrees when the sun went down.

– The crowd was awful – if they seemed dead on TV, it’s because they were.

– The production values were fantastic! Lots of fireworks for almost each match. We were shocked that there was no National Anthem or America the Beautiful before the show, though.

– I was thrilled to be there and enjoyed the show and it is hands down the best place in the world for people watching! I have been reading the Torch since 2000 and a VIP member since the year after you started. I knew who would win and why, but that didn’t take away from the experience.

– I’ve been to PPVs and WrestleMania before and the lines here were horrendous for merch, food, and the men’s rooms (I use the ladies room).

– There were lots of empty floor seats! Not the “$1,000 keep your chair” seats, but the folding chairs directly behind them. While I was in the one-hour merchandise line, some of us were chatting and a man got tickets for those seats Saturday on Stub Hub for $300. That’s what we paid on Stub Hub for Section 134 – the first set of raised seats. Also, they should have been listed as limited view because the supports for the lighting were encased to look like skyscrapers and we could not see a full third of the ring, so we watched it on the overhead screens. I remember that last year people in the expensive seats had their view blocked by the “palm trees” and this year the floor was configured so that didn’t happen. We also couldn’t see because the lighting on this structure had a bar of very bright lights shining directly at the crowd and I had to shield my eyes to see anything in the ring. I know every stadium is different, but they need to fix these glitches.

* Second Report Credit: Matt

I paid $200 to sit in section 109; not only was our ring view obstructed, but the huge stage set also provided a an awful view of the stage from our angle. Watched 98% of show on screens. Pics included. Will be contacting WWE w this info.

* Second Report Credit: Adam T.

I have to say first of all I been a wrestling fan for 20+ years. I been to 3 wrestlemanias 2 in the NY area and 26 in Arizona. I am very disappointed in Wrestlemania 29. I have enclosed pictures that also show a pillar in the way of the ring. My wife and I paid $950 for these seats and there was a pillar. Can someone please tell me why the hell is there a pillar there??? The matches to me felt rushed, the whole PPV felt like there was no plot or hype to it and then no surprises happened. I am a very big fan of Dolph Ziggler but why didnt he cash in his MITB. The crowd was calling for it why not give the crowd what they want, I mean we all paid money for the show listen to the crowd. I feel WWE has not been listening to the crowd and that’s bad. The Intercontinental Title is defended on the pre-show. Really Really No pun intended. I like Cesaro and he isn’t even booked on the show after hes been working real hard to carry the US Title and put some prestige into the championship. Daniel Bryan an excellent wrestler stuck in the tag title match. I felt they could have done more and to be honest Undertaker and C.M Punk really saved the day. Had Ziggler cashed in successfully then maybe my wife and I would have went home happy, but that didnt happen and we are extremely disappointed. Vince put a lot of money into the structure but no real effort into the storylines.

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