50+ Twitter Trends Throughout Royal Rumble


Throughout the Royal Rumble 2012, there were over 50 WWE-related trending topics on Twitter, worldwide. The official hashtag for the Royal Rumble was #RoyalRumble, and that trended throughout the event.

Slim Jims trended after a commercial aired during the PPV for them featuring Big Show, Eve Torres and Rey Mysterio.

Several spellings of Vickie Guerrero trended after she was ordered backstage during the WWE Championship match.

Sin Cara trended after Hunico made his Royal Rumble entrance. Hunico was the ‘fake’ Sin Cara.

John Morrison trended after Kofi Kingston did a unique handstand move to save himself from elimination, reminding fans of Morrison’s unique save from last year’s Royal Rumble.

Billy Gunn trended after Road Dogg made his entrance in the Royal Rumble. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg were of course partners in the New Age Outlaws.

Awesome Kong trended after Kharma made her entrance into the Royal Rumble. Kia Stevens, who portrays Kharma, worked for TNA as Awesome Kong.

The full list of trending topics were: #RoyalRumble, Steel Cage, World Heavyweight Championship, The Road to Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan, Elimination Chamber, Beth Phoenix, This Cena, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, Glam Slam, Zack Ryder’s, Cena vs. Kane, #LetsGoCena, Cena and Kane, Tombstone Piledriver, Eve Torres, Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay, #WHATTHEFUNK, Slim Jims, WWE Championship, Vickie Guerrero, #ITSCLOBBERINTIME, Vicky Guerrero, The Miz, Royal Rumble Match, Cobra vs. Socko, Ricardo Rodriguez, Santino Marella, Sin Cara, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Sin Cara, Hunico, Great Khali, Awesome Kong, Michael Cole, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Kharma, #ohyoudidntKNOW, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, David Otunga, Walls of Jericho, Sheamus, Jericho and #GreatWhite.

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