80’s Wrestler Suing WWE, Big Show/Trace Adkins Video


— 80′s wrestler “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers has filed suit against WWE and the McMahons over claims that he is owed royalties for WWE using his name and likeness. Somers’ suit names WWE’s DVD on Shawn Michaels’ career and the Greatest Cage Matches of All-Time DVD. Somers says that WWE failed to contact him and ask permission to use his name and likeness, and never made any attempt to compensate him. The lawsuit also states that Somers’ health is suffering from his pro wrestling career where he claims to have suffered more than 400 concussions, broken bones and inoperable injuries to his neck, foot, back and knee. Somers and his partner Playboy Buddy Rose had their feud with Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety from the AWA promotion featured on several WWE DVD’s and WWE Classics On Demand.

— Below is video of Big Show chokeslamming Trace Adkins through a table at Monday’s 2011 American Country Awards:

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