A Backstage RAW Visitor Today, Carlito Praises Finlay, Nitro


— WWE.com has posted parts of the final episode of WWE Monday Nitro, which featured both Vince and Shane McMahon, and the simulcast ending, which revealed that Shane McMahon “bought” WCW.

— Chilli from TLC, who happens to be a huge WWE fan, posted on Twitter that she would be in attendance for RAW tonight.

— On Sunday, Carlito posted the following after a match with Fit Finlay at a Big Time Pro Wrestling event… “I’m surprised WWE hasn’t rehired Finlay yet.” Finlay was released back in March of 2011, following a WWE house show where he authorized The Miz to interrupt the national anthem. This angered the National Guard members in attendance and Finlay was then punished with his release.

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