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NewsA Backstage Update On The TNA/SpikeTV Negotiations & Vince Russo's TNA Firing...

A Backstage Update On The TNA/SpikeTV Negotiations & Vince Russo’s TNA Firing (Yes, FIRING!)

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Vince Russo, YOU’RE FIRED!

As previously reported, Vince Russo is officially
done with TNA. While Russo claims that it was suggested that he take a break
from the company and quit, we can confirm that he was in fact fired by John
Gaburick. According to one source, Gaburick jokingly suggested that TNA and
Russo “no longer be involved”, but then got serious and fired him. Russo then
used the “suggestion” part as the basis for his Twitter post.

As has been reported, Russo’s working with TNA was
reportedly part of the problem with Spike TV. As of right now there is no new
deal in place for iMPACT! but talks are ongoing. The source claims that no one
in TNA’s office knew that the TMZ news report was coming because Spike hadn’t
told any of them that the show wasn’t getting renewed.

TNA is not only in talks with Spike, but with other
outlets as well. Talent agency UTA is handling the negotiations for TNA and
reporting back to TNA’s offices. Dixie Carter is not
personally involved in the talks.

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