A CM Punk Comedy Show, WWE Main Event, WWE/Google


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— On October 3rd at 8 PM at the ComedySportz Theater, Colt Cabana, Marty Derosa and others will be taking part in a night of stand-up comedy “inspired by road stories with CM Punk” to benefit The Samuel John Thompson Memorial Fund. Punk will also be on hand to record a live episode of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. More details available here.

Eric Sturrock sent this one along: WWE NXT was uploaded to Hulu Plus sometime this morning between 3am-7am. Its 50 minutes in length. It’s listed as Season 6 Episode 136.

Zach Daw sent this one along: Made an interesting discovery last night. If you Google the word “Google”, two of the top three searches results are WWE related. It goes to their stock listing and their Google+ page. Vince’s all out assault on social media appears to be working.

— As a reminder, the new WWE Main Event TV show debuts October 3rd on the ION network.

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