A Fan Praises The Road Dogg + Random Fan News & Notes


Anakin_312 sent this one in: Just wanted to say I was shopping Tuesday and ran into the Road Dogg Jesse James. He was with his family and I walked past him and couldn’t believe it was him. I tried to wait until he was away from his family and then asked if it was really him. Considering he was in a grocery store shopping with his family, he was UNBELIEVABLY NICE. I told him I was a huge fan and it was great to meet him. He said a few things to me, actually spent about 5 minutes talking to me. I won’t share anything personal he said (nothing serious…he just met me) but I will say he seemed very happy to meet an old fan…and was all smiles and laughs. In the end, he said he should get going (I should have asked if I could come hang out with him lol) and asked for a quick autograph which he was happy to do. I felt like crap approaching him with during him personal family time, but it was my once in a lifetime chance ya know!? He was really awesome about it. …and I am sure he would want me to say this, since it was all practically personal and not business…(and was nice enough to make small talk with a fan)…make sure to watch the 1000th episode of Raw! OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW!?…. Your ass better… stop reading now…

Rpdrury sent this one in: Hardcore band EVA has released a music video for their song “Pro-Wrestling is Real; People Are Fake”. The video and the song feature a cameo from Rick Jimenez of Rise Records’ This Is Hell. It’s very Scott Pilgrim-ish with a few references to WWE stars (including former WWF/WCW tag team Insane Clown Posse on the intro) and the title of course being a reference to Ken Anderson. Pretty funny and cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=925qvv-7vRE

Cory Curlett sent this in: On the CBS show Big Brother current contestant Frank Eudy is the son of a former wrestler who recently appeared on Raw – Sycho Sid Vicious. He is currently nominated for eviction.

Brian Soscia sent this in: Daniel Bryan discusses where the YES idea came from, his time on the indys and if he would fight for UFC! WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan called @THEBrianSoscia to promote the Smackdown on-sale date today (July 14th) and got into another fun filled interview w/ Soscia. They pick up right where they left off the last time as Daniel Bryan talks about his favorite wrestler Ken the Box and his supposed road to WWE. He also discusses where the “YES!” idea came from, his grappling/MMA hobby outside the ring and if he ever could see himself in UFC. It doesn’t stop there as long time fans of Brian Danielson will appreciate his nod to the past as he speaks on his former entrance theme and how he came up with the idea for it. All of that plus so much more, just click to listen: http://bit.ly/Npdpeq

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