A Fan Report Of The Scary Styles-Strong ROH Spot


UPDATE: We received another fan account of the spot between AJ Styles and Roderick Strong at the event, which you can read below:

“My fiancee and I attended the ROH event here in Nashville on 1/4/14. We sat on the balcony above the ring and facing the spot where AJ attempted the Clash on Roderick. It was apparent to myself and those in the balcony that when AJ went to jump forward and plant Strong, he seemed to slip a bit and AJ fell down instead of over, producing a “driver” effect. I believe this could have been attributed AJ tweaking his knee earlier in a botched attempt of his top-rope aided 450 about two-thirds way into the match.”

ORIGINAL: Roderick Strong was reportedly hurt during his match with AJ Styles at the ROH TV taping last night. Strong took a Styles Clash with his head and neck bent to one side. Strong reportedly tucked his chin as he took the move and lost feeling in one arm after the match. He iced it and it was feeling better after time.

A video of the Styles Clash has hit Instagram; you can see it below:

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