​A Funny Taz/NFL Photo From Today, Brooke Tessmacher Says She Wants A Shot At Havok, & More


— Below is an excerpt of a new Brooke Tessmacher interview where she talks
about her goals and desire to have a shot against Havok:

“I have
been gone this past year and can’t wait to prove myself again. It was something
that I wanted to be was [a wrestler]. I wanted a chance to prove myself. I think
I‘ve done that very well. Every time I wake up I think, ‘Wow, I’m a two-time
champion. I did that. I know if I wanted to do it again, I could.’ It’s a dream
come true.”

“I hope in January to be on the U.K. tour. I’m looking
forward to working with Jessicka Havok. I would love to see what I can do in the
ring against her. She is quite scary, obviously. I think I have mental prep from
Gail Kim and Lisa [Marie Varon, a.k.a. Tara]. I also would love to have a few
matches with Taryn Terrell. She is doing great and a good friend of mine, but I
would love to see how we would do in the ring together. I think we could put on
something amazing together.”

Check out the complete interview
at MiamiHerald.com.

— I thought this was funny so I’ll share it with you guys as well:

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