A Hilarious John Cena Rap Battle, Mysterio’s Tour, RAW


A Hilarious John Cena Rap Battle, Mysterio’s International Tour

Partial Source: Nielsen Media Research

— As previously reported, the 1,000th RAW event drew a strong 3.84 (3.8) cable rating. Here is a full breakdown of the event:

* D-X Reunion Part One: 5,580,000 viewers

* D-X Reunion Part Two: 5,607,000 viewers

* Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho: 5,212,000 viewers

* Jack Swagger vs. Brodus Clay; Legends backstage: 5,538,000 viewers

* AJ/Daniel Bryan Wedding: 6,154,000 viewers

* Rock, Punk and Daniel Bryan segment: 6,729,000 viewers

* Christian vs. Miz: 5,834,000 viewers

* Triple H/Paul Heyman/Stephanie: 6,168,000 viewers

* Triple H/Lesnar Brawl: 6,258,000 viewers

* Heath Slater/Legends: 6,283,000 viewers

* Undertaker Return w/Kane: 6,576,000 viewers

* CM Punk vs. John Cena: 6,965,000 viewers

The Manila Standard Today has an article up on Rey Mysterio’s international promotional tour, which you can read at this link. Mysterio will be visiting Manila, Japan, China and Taiwan during the tour. Mysterio stopped in Manila first, where he was part of a meet-and-greet prior to appearing at the finals of the Philippines’s pro basketball league at SMART Araneta Coliseum. While there, Mysterio presented the league’s commissioner with a replica WWE Title belt. WWE Smackdown and Bottom Line airs on AKTV in the Philippines, which is the country’s first free TV channel dedicated to sports. The reason that Mysterio was selected to promote Smackdown programming on this tour was due to his strong international appeal.

— Here is an older video of John Cena battle rapping fans from 2003 … **CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE**

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