A Hilarious Moment During Last Night’s TNA Wedding


Taz, Bully Ray and Dixie Carter played up the wedding angle from last night’s iMPACT! via Twitter today.


Bully Ray: “What was supposed to be a night of celebration, turned into a nightmare. Devon was 1 thing. Taz your dead to me scumbag.”

Taz: “Dead? I just came to LIFE! All business big man.”

Dixie Carter: “Business?? Really, big man??”

Here is a video of the wedding. In a HILARIOUS moment, if you go to the 2:54 mark of the video, Hulk Hogan tells Brooke to “go check on Bully” and Brooke can clearly be heard telling her father “My boobs are out! My boobs are out!”. Oh man.

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