A Leaked Backstage WWE Memo – Banned Terms & More


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A leaked memo that dates back a few years revealed a few things about specific term-usage in WWE. Vince McMahon apparently banned the phrase, “Granddaddy of them all” when referring to WrestleMania. Apparently the feeling is that the phrase makes the show feel dated and old. Additionally, no one is allowed to use the word “choke” when describing various submission holds. The Undertaker’s “Hell’s Gate” finisher was also renamed “Triangle Submission Hold” (despite the fact that it’s actually a gogoplata, which isn’t exactly the triangle choke commonly seen in MMA, even though it looks similar. Gogoplata’s are much more rare, and the only one that comes to mind is Nick Diaz’s gogoplata submission victory over Takanori Gomi at one of the final PRIDE events in the U.S., where the outcome was overruled due to Diaz popping hot for marijuana in his post-fight drug test).

Other banned phrases include “title changes hands,” which is mainly directed at the WWE announcers, and comes from WWE producer Kevin Dunn. Also, McMahon has banned terms such as “Five Star Match” and “Match Of The Year.” Additionally, WWE announcers were informed that they should no longer read “dirt sheets” with the feeling being it influences what they might say or refer to in commentary.

Stephanie McMahon sent a memo out to the announcers, informing them that they are never to use the phrase “the referee didn’t see it” when a heel is doing something behind the referee’s back. Stephanie wrote in the memo that it makes it seem like the announcers are treating the fans like they are in grade school. She wrote that she would prefer phrases such as “the referee’s vision was impaired,” or “the referee’s vision was blocked.”

The words “hatred” and/or “hate” were banned, as well as “blood” or references to bleeding. Finally, the announcers were told never to say a talent doesn’t care about winning a particular match.

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