​A Live Fan Report From Last Night’s WWE Monday Night RAW Broadcast Inside Here


Credit: Gaz Williams and Prowrestling.net

 -The Superstars matches were entertaining enough to get the crowd hyped up. Curtis Axel was surprisingly popular.

-It was nice to see all the Brits showcased well, even if Bad News Barrett and Neville lost. Hopefully in the latter’s case this won’t kill off too much momentum.

 -The crowd was mostly anti John Cena, but that is not shocking, as that is usually the way of the UK fans.

 -Roman Reigns also got a hard time, but by the end of his segment with Booker he appeared to have won over a fair majority.

-The crowd was rather quiet during most of the Randy Orton vs. Cesaro match and the following handicap match. I’m not sure if it was fatigue or because they wanted to cheer for both.

-What was Bray Wyatt babbling about? I couldn’t hear a word of it.

 -From the way it sank, I honestly thought the suspension was going to break when Big Show climbed onto the roof of the taxi.

-I refused to take part in the “please retire” chant aimed at Big Show. Sure, he’s not as good as he once was, but it is plain disrespectful!

 -The place went nuts when Kane started to call for the Tombstone.

 -Overall an entertaining show from an in-ring perspective and (with the exception of Wyatt) none of the talking segments dragged on. I was rather disappointed that Finn Balor did not make an appearance. They were selling his merchandise and the crowd was chanting for him but no such luck.

-I can’t wait for the next tour in November.

-Dark Match: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose beat Big Show, Sheamus, and Luke Harper. Big Show took to the mic three times during the match to tell us he is not fat in response to all the chanting of “you fat bastard” and “who ate all the pies.” Bryan got the win when he made Harper tap out.

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