​A Live Fan Report From Last Night’s WWE SmackDown & WWE Draft Broadcast


Thanks to Kiel and Prowrestling.net for this live report from the WWE SmackDown TV tapings:-It’s very hard to tell what is live and what is during commercial breaks. If the arena lights go dark, it’s obviously a commercial, but it’s hard to tell what entrances are picked up live and which ones happen during commercials. I.E. Rusev’s entrance was during commercial, they show a video package in the arena, they go back to Rusev’s entrance music, which means they are live again?

-The Titantron doesn’t show all the wrestling matches. The Tron goes to a screensaver of the Smackdown logo periodically and then back to the match, vice versa. The Tron only shows the camera that is in the arena seats and none of the hand cameras around the ringside.

-During one part of the live arena draft, the crowd was chanting fix the screen because a section of the tron wasn’t working for a good 10 minutes or so.

-None of the draft action with Renee Young was shown in the arena. I’m guessing that was all on the network.

-There was no dark match after Smackdown went off the air. The ring announcer thanked everyone and did not announce a return date.

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