A Live Report From Bound For Glory + ROH iPPV Buyrate


— Ring of Honor issued a press release today saying that there were just under 1,500 live and replay iPPV views for Glory by Honor XI this past Saturday, including 300 free shows. The press release said that 350 viewers had never ordered an ROH iPPV before. The show had a live crowd of 900 fans. It appears that a total of 1,200 iPPV events were sold by the company.

Alex sent in this report from Sunday night’s TNA Bound for Glory pay-per-view:

Just got home from Bound for Glory and boy oh boy am I feeling good. I can honestly say this was the best pay per view that TNA has put on in a LONG TIME. In my opinion there were no horrible endings or creative nightmares, just plain old NON PG wrestling action! The entire card was OUTSTANDING (ok maybe the knockouts match wasn’t that great) with the crowd completely into the whole show. The Phoenix crowd was very happy to have TNA in attendance and it showed.

One of the highlights of the pay per view was definitely the Bobby Rhode James Storm street fight. At times you could see King Mo with a look of horror on his face as if he had no idea it was going to be that bad. (not sure if the TV version showed this but King Mo was definitely tripped out by the repeated chair and garbage can shots as well as the tacks.) When Rhode took the initial fall onto the tacks the crowd went WILD. After the match it looked like Rhode was in shock and the ref was acting in a way that it may not have been kayfabe. I should also note that Storm gave Bobby at least 4 punches that were MUCH MORE real than usual. Needless to say, both wrestlers took their bodies to the edge for what turned out to be an instant classic.

After the street fight, i noticed that STING and a few others during their matches ended up with a few tacks in them that were left on the outside of the ring.

The main event had many segments that pushed the limit of partially real mostly fake to mostly real, partially fake. Although there was a small botch by Aries when he missed getting hit by one of Hardys moves off the top ropes and then another botch when Hardy failed to go over the ropes back into the ring during an Austin Aries clothesline, the match itself was GREAT.

The crowd was absolutely NOT against Aries and through much of the match the crowd was yelling HARDY and ARIES back and forth. This gave the match an even better vibe, knowing that half the crowd was on one side and half on the other (think Cena VS CM Punk Money in the Bank 2011)

During this match, Aries went to do a dive into Hardy from inside the ring to the outside and actually HIT his EYE on the ropes in the process. This caused a cut above the eye that looked pretty nasty.

All in all it was a great show and if it is a sign of things to come for TNA we should all be happy that we may actually start to see watchable non pg wrestling on a regular basis.

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