A Look At Ric Flair’s WWE Return + A Backstage Update


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted earlier here on the website, it was WWE’s call to have Ric Flair get physical during his return to the company during RAW last Monday night in Philadelphia. While Vince McMahon was described as being “adamant” about not violating the storyline of Flair’s retirement back in 2008, he was initially told he would only be making an appearance on the show when he was contacted. When Flair arrived at the taping, he was ordered to undergo an EKG to make sure he would be okay to do anything physical. In what could be a hint of things to come, Flair was asked to take part in more medical testing. Flair was reportedly hidden away in a trailer so his appearance would be a surprise. As for TNA’s current lawsuit against WWE which specifically named Flair, WWE still doesn’t believe TNA has a case and nothing has come out from the TNA side in months.

Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier is featuring an article looking at the return of Ric Flair to WWE last Monday night during RAW in Philadelphia.

“Flair isn’t perfect, and he’ll be the first to admit it. He’s been through four failed marriages, and his financial setbacks over the years have been well documented.

His once-flowing bleached blond hair has thinned, he carries some extra weight around his midsection, and he’s a few steps slower than during the days when he was going 60 minutes a night with the best in the world and burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

No one these days is expecting him to go Broadway with performers half his age any more than they’re looking for Michael Jordan to come back and score 40 points in an NBA championship game or Joe Montana to lead the 49ers on another Super Bowl-winning drive.

But there’s nobody in the world better than Ric Flair at creating magic in a wrestling ring.

He’s one of the greatest showmen in the history of sports entertainment (even though he will always proudly proclaim it professional wrestling). He can still talk smack with the best of them.

He proved it once again Monday night.”

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