A Major Backstage Update On Rey Mysterio & WWE – Triple H & Vince McMahon Involved & More


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest update on the Rey Mysterio situation with WWE.

As previously reported, Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract was expiring in the
spring, and he had planned to not re-sign with WWE. WWE then renewed his
contract for another year without notifying him, using a clause that allows the
company to renew talent deals based on time they might miss due to injury.

When Mysterio’s contract was ending, he met with Triple H. During the
meeting, Mysterio stated that he was not interested in re-signing, and would be
leaving the company when the contract ended. Mysterio and Triple H then
reportedly had a handshake deal, agreeing that the two sides would be parting

From there, it is reported that Vince McMahon then had Mark Carrano of Talent
Relations call Mysterio and notify him that WWE was invoking the clause in his
contract, which would lock him up with WWE for another year. As you would
imagine, Mysterio wasn’t happy about it but there is really nothing he can do
about it.

There had been talk of bringing Mysterio in for SummerSlam to do media
appearances, since he lives in California, but the company opted not to do so.
This was reportedly because they did not want him discussing his status with the

As you know by now, Mysterio appeared in a video package during the AAA
TripleMania pay-per-view event and told the Mexican fans that he’d be “seeing
them soon.” That didn’t go over well with WWE and that’s where things stand as
of this writing.

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