A Major Push For Fandango?, What Happened After SD, WCW


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with the following newsbits:

— Through his Twitter account, Jimmy Hart confirmed that there are ongoing negotiations between Turner and WWE on releasing WCW entrance theme songs. The legendary manager did not go into much detail, but he did sound very positive that it was about to be finalized. Hart played a key role in the creations of a lot of songs during his career. Hart rweeted:

“Turner in negotiations with WWE on how to put WCW themes out….stay tuned baby!!!” “Turner and WWE – working on WCW themes!!!” “WCW Themes!!!!!”

— After SmackDown ended at last night’s WWE TV tapings, John Cena made an appearance and worked the dark match main event. As he was cutting a promo afterwards, the audience began singing the Fandango theme song once again. Improvising, the WWE Heavyweight Champion decided to join in and sang the song along with the fans.

— While WWE attributes his newfound popularity to the unusually rowdy crowd on Monday Night RAW, word going around is that management wants to test out Fandango with the main event wrestlers to see if the audience will accept him there. They already had him against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29. More testing could take place in the following weeks.

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