​A Major Thank You From The Entire eWN Staff!


What a wild week, huh guys?

First and foremost, I just want to take this time to thank every single one of you for your
continued support of eWrestlingNews.com. As corny as it sounds, we honestly
wouldn’t be where we are today without you guys. No matter how some of you feel
with your comments, most of you continue to check back in
on a daily basis and continue supporting us. We owe all of
our success to you!

Last week, I told you that things were going to get EXTREMELY busy
and man have they ever! We started late last week with the AXXESS festivities
and then continued through the weekend culminating with WrestleMania 30 on
Sunday night. Our peak day was on Monday where we had record traffic. I’ve been
doing this for 15 years now and I think Monday may have been the busiest day I
have ever seen. We had TONS of post-WrestleMania news, pre-RAW news and
**SPOILERS, the WWE Network #’s, Jeff Jarrett’s promotion launching and so much
more. As you’ve likely noticed, it has been non-stop from last Thursday until
tonight (Wednesday). We expected things to taper off today (Wednesday) as
WrestleMania, RAW and the Main Event/SmackDown tapings were over. Then, the
tragic news of The Ultimate Warrior’s death broke late Tuesday night. Of course,
that changed things big time and almost all of our focus shifted from
WrestleMania and RAW to Warrior. Trust me when I tell you – nothing sucks more
than having to report on the passing of an icon and legend in this business. We
will continue covering Warrior’s tragic passing as well as lots of
post-WrestleMania and RAW news. We expect the remainder of this week to stay
very, VERY busy.

So on behalf of our entire team here at eWrestlingNews.com, I just
want to take this time to thank each and every single one of you for your
support. We pride ourselves on being the #1 source for pro wrestling news and
rumors and we hope we were able to prove that to you guys once again over the
last week or so. We’ve been doing our best to give you as much content as
possible with news, columns, rumors, spoilers and photos and most of you have been
constantly checking back in. Our web traffic #’s over the last few days have
been awesome. The #’s for Wednesday with The Ultimate Warrior’s death are not
the kind of traffic we want but unfortunately it’s our job to cover both the
good and bad news stories in this business. Warrior’s death came as an absolute
shock to all of us and he’ll be greatly missed.

We’ve got the best fans in the world and we
respect the hell out of you guys.

From the entire
eWrestlingNews.com staff.

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