A New Balls Mahoney Video, Sheamus’ World Title, Swagger


— Sheamus posted the following to Twitter yesterday, showing off what the WWE Title may look like under his future reign:

Here’s the only improvement I’d make to the new #WWE Championship belt. Well, #StPatricksDay’s a coming 😉 pic.twitter.com/HLTDXgSBEP

— Former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein posted his opinion about Jack Swagger’s WrestleMania prospects today, suggesting that the Rock is getting them little buzz for WrestleMania but that the Swagger arrest is:

No DUI was gonna get in the way of what’s clearly a pet project of Team VKM. Rock barely getting them any Buzz for Mania. This story is.

— Here is Balls Mahoney laying out a challenge to Matt Tremont for a Street Fight at Extreme Rising’s April 4th One-Year Anniversary show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mahoney is challenging Tremont after the latter disrespected him at Extreme Rising’s December show:

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