A New ​Jim Ross Q&A Discussing Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Firing, Eve Torres, Too Many Titles, More


The following are highlights of a new Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim

On a promotion having too many titles: “Yes they
can have too many titles. A primary men’s title, tag titles and a women’s title
for sure and then perhaps one other inmost cases. For a large company like WWE I
like the IC and US Titles but only IF they meant more. A TV Title is in the

On Alberto Del Rio’s WWE release: “I do not know
the details of what happened with ADR and the WWE employee. I refrain from
addressing the matter considering that I don’t know the details. I’d suggest
however that WWE isn’t less tolerable to racial issues or poor behavior than
when I was there. For all I know it might be a storyline being constructed.”

On who is responsible for wrestler’s ring gear in
“Once it’s approved by upper management it’s up to the
talents and the seamstresses that work for the company.”

On Eve Torres: “Eve Torres Gracie is a wonderful
woman who’s obviously beautiful and who loves MMA. She was a credit to the WWE
while she was there and I wish her nothing but the best. Excellent athlete.”

Check out more of JR’s Q&A at this
link (JRSBARBQ.com)

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