​A New Jim Ross Q&A Discussing Curtis Axel’s WWE Future, Daniel Bryan’s Return, Hogan vs. Rock Crowd


The following are highlights of a recent Jim Ross website Q&A update:

On the crowd reaction to Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock at WrestleMania
“WM18 was uniquely booked but Rock and Hogan should have
closed the show in hindsight but no one predicted how the crowd was going to go
crazy for the match much less embrace Hulk as they did.”

On how WWE should plan for Daniel Bryan’s return:
“This email is a little long but I don’t know how one can plan for any thing
with Daniel Bryan until he’s healed from his surgery and re-introduced into the
mix in an intelligent manner.”

On issues between Rey Mysterio and WWE: “I am not a
party to their grievances nor do I care to engage in them. I know little about
their issues but always enjoyed working with both men. I signed Rey to WWE years
ago and have always had a good relationship with him. I plan to have ADR on my
podcast soon.”

On Curtis Axel: “Don’t know where WWE is with
Curtis but he needs to show more personality and more physicality.”

On Cruiserweights returning to WWE: “I think that
the ship has sailed for cruiserweights to return to WWE. Then again, I might be
wrong but I don’t think so.”

Check out more Jim Ross Q&A at his website, JRSBARBQ.com.

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