A New ​Jim Ross Q&A – The Natalya/Tyson Kidd “Fake” Drama, TNA’s Style, Noble/Mercury/Authority


The following are highlights of a recent Jim Ross website Q&A update:

On if TNA should try and be more of a Japanese style product to
differentiate themselves from WWE:
“Another topic that I’ve
blogged about many times and addressed multiple times on my Ross Report Podcast.
Yes…Impact should focus on what their talents do best and that is wrestle and
do so in a believable, physical style.”

On if he knew WWE was faking marital problems between Tyson Kidd
and Natalya:
“Yes I did . You know that the presentation is
fictional, right?”

On Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury being part of The
“This one might be over thought for now as I enjoy the
antics of Noble and Mercury. I see your point but I can also see what they are
doing working as well.”

On WWE using smaller wrestlers these days: “There
is a changing of the guard but getting smaller by design likely isn’t in the

On the WrestleMania 31 main event: “I have no idea
what WWE is going to do at WM31 but a triple threat match between
Rollins-Ambrose-Reigns would shock me.”

On Lucha Underground: “I’ve blogged about it and
talked about it on my podcast, The Ross Report at podcastone.com and iTunes.
It’s different and unique in many ways…not a fan of intergender stuff but the
look of the show is good and the bell to bell product is largely

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