​A New WWE Battleground Match, HBK Talks Hunting, More


— Naomi vs. Cameron will be added to the WWE Battleground pay-per-view.

— During a recent interview with the MRA
Hunting website
regarding hunting some whitetail
deer on his ranch in Texas, Shawn Michaels said:

“Whitetail hunting at my ranch in Texas. If I can be perfectly
honest, there may not be a better time for me in my life. Now, hear me out!!
Before everyone starts getting into the whole spending-time-with-your-family,
Christmas, Birthdays and WrestleMania moments, hear me out. I’m at home, I’m
with my family, enjoying glorious Texas scenery, I’m hunting with my buddies,
doing what we love to do!

There are no words to describe how much I enjoy those times. My friends and
family enjoying what we all love. Spending time together, hanging out, hunting,
eating great food, getting our “work” done in the great outdoors….it is the
best!! As I’ve been doing this show for the past 4 years, I truly understand
those guys who hunt whitetail 24/7 year after year.

Sure it’s not what the MRA crew does…we hunt them all, but make no mistake
about it, if I didn’t get to do the show, it’s probably what I’d be doing every
year. It’s on these whitetail hunts on my ranch with the MRA crew that I find
myself very thankful and appreciative of what the good Lord has blessed me

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