A Photo Of Sabu Passed Out In Hotel Room Leaks, More


— The current season of Ring Ka King is over and no new tapings for the show have been announced. TNA President Dixie Carter previously said that the company considered Ring Ka King to be a success and she said there is a “very strong opportunity for Ring Ka King to continue to be seen in India.”

— We reported earlier that Sabu did not work last night’s Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia, PA as he was found in his hotel room “in bad shape.” 911 was called and we’re told he’s currently hospitalized. We’ve obtained a photo of Sabu passed out in his hotel room on Saturday. If you’re interested, you can click here to view it. Cops in Travose, PA told TMZ.com they were dispatched to a hotel for a medical emergency, but wouldn’t elaborate. The manager at the hotel where Sabu was staying tells TMZ the staff there felt the wrestler was intoxicated when paramedics were called. A source close to Sabu tells TMZ he had been MIA all day and promoters for an ECW reunion event he was scheduled to appear at could not get in touch with him. Sabu was scheduled to face Shane Douglas in the main event. The card will have to be changed, but at this time, no decision has been made yet as to how to publicly address it to the live crowd.

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