A Possible **SPOILER** – TNA Star To WWE?


What appears to be a close-up shot of TNA Wrestling star Matt Morgan from 2005 is shown in WWE’s latest viral video stating that “A Revolution Is Coming” on May 28.

Though Morgan’s contract with TNA Wrestling does not expire until October, he has met contractual obligations in terms of appearances. It is believed that once his contractual obligations were met, he would become a free agent and legally able to join another wrestling promotion.

Matt Morgan has stated in various interviews that he loves TNA and does feel some loyalty to them, but WWE has sent out feelers to him and he would have a hard time turning down a chance to return to the ‘big leagues’ if the opportunity presented itself.

More as we get it.

UPDATE: According to a source, WWE’s “Revolution” campaign is reportedly not actually leading to a new debut in the company. Several sources have confirmed that the campaign is part of the promotion for the new WWE videogame that will be revealed next week just before E3. More as we get it.

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