A Possible TNA Release + iMPACT Quarter Hour Ratings


Partial Source: Pwtorch.com

— Anarquia has been removed from TNA’s roster page on the company website. At this time, there is no confirmation that he is done with the company.

— Thursday’s edition of TNA IMPACT Wrestling scored a 0.99 (1.0) cable rating off a first hour 0.94 rating and second hour 1.04 rating. At the end of the month, TNA is switching to an 8PM start ting. Here is the quarter hour breakdown from the show…

Q1: Impact opened with a 0.88 rating, which was essentially the same as the previous week’s Q1 rating. The segment featured Hulk Hogan backstage, then TV champion Devon vs. Bully Ray in the ring, and one commercial. (down 25.3% vs. 2011-Q1 average)

Q2: The show increased to a 0.97 rating for the second-half of Devon vs. Ray, backstage segments, and one commercial break. (down 16.1% vs. 2011-Q2 average)

Q3: The show stayed about the same with a 0.98 rating for Eric Bischoff vs. Jeremy Borash in a “match,” Kurt Angle vs. Anarquia, and one-and-a-half commercial breaks. (down 16.0% vs. 2011-Q3 average)

Q4: The show then dropped to a 0.93 rating for the Gut Check challenge, various videos & backstage segments, and one-and-a-half commercials leading to the top of the hour. (down 17.3% vs. 2011-Q4 average)

Q5: The second hour started with a show-high 1.10 rating for Hulk Hogan addressing the Tag Title situation, followed by a Knockouts match of Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher, and one commercial. It was the top-rated segment of the show. (down 10.7% vs. 2011-Q5 average)

Q6: The show droped to a 1.04 rating for various non-wrestling segments backstage involving Gut Chuck, Hogan, the Bischoffs, and others, plus one commercial. (down 10.3% vs. 2011-Q6 average)

Q7: The show dropped again to a second-hour-low 0.99 rating for Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy in the main event tag match, plus one commercial. (down 13.1% vs. 2011-Q7 average)

Q8: The show increased slightly to a 1.02 rating for the final segment with Ric Flair throwing a Bischoff Appreciation Party, plus one commercial. (down 13.4% vs. 2011-Q8 average)

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