A Quick Thank You From eWN + Changes Continue


UPDATE: Hey eWN visitors, just wanted to provide you guys with a few updates on the ongoing changes here on eWrestlingNews.com.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your continued support and also for all the feedback you guys have been submitting. We are listening to ALL of your feedback and many of you have given us some great ideas. Thank you to those who have sent in suggestions.

We want to welcome our new editorial writers – Jared Monk, Mathew Bryan. Ricardo Kerr, Michael Falcaro, Richard Staple, Nicky Federico and several others that have yet to make their debuts. I apologize in advance if I missed anyone. We also want to thank Kyle Dunning for all his help over on the official eWN Facebook page. If you haven’t added us on Facebook, please do so by clicking here.

We’ve added over 100 top story images today and plan to add 100+ more in the coming days so you can expect to see some new and updated images inside our news articles. As you know by now, the images we had been using were very outdated and we apologize for that. You’ll be seeing the new top story images starting today.

As far as the comments section is concerned, we are doing our best to weed out the constant trouble makers who often ruin it for everyone else who want to have a good discussion. Please bear with us as we try to clean things up. It takes some time but we’re doing our best to clean things up.

Thanks again for your continued support of eWrestlingNews.com. We’re all VERY excited about what’s to come in the coming months and we’re glad to have you all being a part of it. This is only the start of some very major changes. We don’t want to reveal too much right now but stay tuned to the website as these changes continue. Also, please continue submitting feedback below as we are listening to ALL of you. Have a great week eWN visitors!

ORIGINAL: eWN fans – As we continue to listen to ALL of your feedback, we have made several changes here on the website. First, we welcome Matt Boone to eWrestlingNews.com. He’ll be doing daily columns, blogs and adding additional features & content. That will include top 10 lists and pro wrestling “rankings”. This will be similar to what some MMA websites do. The rankings will be edited on a weekly basis over to the right side of the newsboard and we encourage you to comment. Some of you may disagree but that’s the point – we want to hear from YOU and get you guys more involved. Let’s have some friendly debates in the comment section. We are going to be adding a TON of exclusive content in the coming months.

Also as requested by you, our loyal visitors, the second change is that the “Reporter Links” have now been dropped. You will no longer be seeing those inside news articles.

Also, we’re looking for exclusive reports from WWE and TNA live events to be added to our news section. Shows we like to get exclusive coverage include RAW, SmackDown, Main Event, Superstars and TNA iMPACT!. We’ll also be posting house show reports from WWE, TNA, ROH and other indy federations. With that being said, we’re asking you guys to send in reports if you attend a pro wrestling live event. Please make them as detailed as possible and provide proper grammar. If you’d be interested in contributing to the site with news, recaps, photos, etc., you can do so by using the news submission form by clicking here or emailing me directly by clicking here.

Once again, we are listening to all of your feedback as we continue to make major changes. We can’t say much right now but major changes are in the works and we’re very excited about what’s to come! Stay tuned – things are about to get good!

Thanks as always for your continued support of eWrestlingNews.com.

– Ryan Clark, Frank Holliday, Matt Boone and the entire eWrestlingNews.com staff!

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