A Rapper Performs ‘WWE Anthem’ (Video), A RAW Error?, MITB


Jeremy Seabolt sent this one in: Hey Ryan! I have Dish Network and next week’s RAW is listed as show 990. Any idea why? Seems odd. Thanks. Also, Rhyno is wrestling at Fire Pro Wrestling in Merrillville, Indiana on Saturday! 7 pm bell time if you are interested!

T.J. Hagen sent this one in: If you were observant at the show you could have seen the addition of the Miz to the RAW MITB match as he was in the PPV event shirt and was listed on the back as well. The 3 added matches were a bit boring and seemed to lose the crowd’s interest. There was a giant Disco ball above the ring, so we thought Brodus Clay would have wrestled for sure. But my family and I saw Swagger leaving the building about 2 hours before the event started, so maybe they made the call to use the other match. Ryback had little cheering during his match, and even after winning it the crowd seemed bored. The Bryan/Punk match probably had the crowd into the most. In my opinion 70/30 in favor of Punk, but Bryan had his cheering section. Cena was easily a 50/50 split for cheers/boos. But got a huge reaction for sure. Overall I was generally pleased with the PPV – and glad they added some matches, even though they weren’t that great. Huge Pop for the fact that we’re getting the Royal Rumble in January as well. Seats for the Rumble were going fast after the event at the box office – due in part I’m sure to the fact that Ticketmaster is taking an extra $15+ for fees online or over the phone. Thanks for taking my information.

— WWE has posted the very first episode of RAW online, from January 11, 1993:

DivaBitch27 sent this one in: I thought this would be news worthy. I saw that a rapper named B-Cide has made a song and video about his love for the WWE. He calls it WWE Universe Anthem Rap. I think it’s an awesome song and WWE fans would really enjoy it. The video is below:

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