A Recent Tully Blanchard/JBL Altercation?, WWE Stock Rises


Yahoo! Finance reports that WWE’s stock price rose slightly following the company’s Q2 financial report today. The stock closed at $7.82 per share, which was up from the near 52-week lock of $7.56 on Wednesday. The stock price peak for the day at $7.83.

— Tully Blanchard recently spoke with Wrestling 101 about the many resurrections of the Four Horsemen and more. Check out the highlights:

On his recent altercation with JBL”.: … JBL on Monday night in St. Louis went on a tantrum and talked to me about things that I didn’t remember, he had told me I was rude to him and mistreated him. I told him, ‘it could have been possible I mistreated you, and I ask you to forgive me,’ he didn’t respond one way or the other after that.”

On WCW renegotiating his and Arn’s contracts after he failed a drug test before leaving the WWF: “It was a very power hungry thing that they did by not honoring their agreement with Arn who had a family, and my mistake cost him $150,000.”

On the various Four Horseman revivals: “The greatest form of flattery is imitation, but saying that the Four Horsemen dominated for two decades is not a true statement, we dominated for four years and then everything else was trying to resurrect it and they didn’t have the same chemistry as Arn, Ole, Ric and myself.”

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