​A Report From Jim Ross’ ‘One Man Show’ In Chicago, IL


Source: Pwinsider.com

John Borchardt sent in this report:

I attended the
Ringside with Jim Ross show Saturday at the House of Blues in Chicago. It was a
great show. I purchased a VIP ticket which included a meet and greet with JR
prior to the show. There was about 40 people in line for the meet and greet. The
House of Blues staff had everything organized well so it went smooth.

then took the stage for a little over an hour of storytelling about his time in
wrestling. I would say there was at least 150 people in attendance. He covered
some of the things that happened when he was working in Chicago. He talked about
the Steamboat/Flair Chi-Town Rumble ’89 match. He mentioned that the fans’
reaction for his HOF announcement in Chicago actually lead to him remaining at
the announcing table for longer that what he was originally told. He also shared
stories about Bill Watts, Dick Murdock and a couple more Ric Flair

Most of the second hour was the Q&A portion of the event. JR
was as advertised with answering the questions. He was honest and seem give as
much of a detailed answer he could.

Ross also brought out Tommy Dreamer
and Victoria. Dreamer mentioned how JR hired him and also mention how he
(Dreamer) signed CM Punk. Victoria looked great and mentioned her restaurant and
also praised Fit Finlay. Victoria and Dreamer also took a couple questions from
the crowd.

JR mentioned he may write a book. To that I say please write
several. This event was fun and if he is as good writing as he was speaking
these books would sell. If you have the chance to see Ringside with Jim Ross I
recommend doing so. I drove down from Grand Rapids, MI and would go see him
again in another city without out a second thought.

JR also had his line
of products there as well. I bought some Jerky and the chipotle ketchup. The
jerky was good, the chipotle ketchup is awesome.

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