A Rumor Killer On Rey Mysterio Appearing At Sunday Night’s AAA TripleMania Pay-Per-View


Source: The Wrestling Observer

UPDATED: According to a source, Rey Mysterio
will not be appearing on the TripleMania event on Sunday.
Mysterio is still under a WWE contract, and WWE would not want him attending the
show as it will be in direct competition on Sunday with SummerSlam. Of course,
Mysterio could still attend the event and not appear live but it’s not going to
make WWE happy. Does he care at this point? We shall see.

ORIGINAL: According to Steve Sims, here is the
latest on Rey Mysterio.

During a recent edition of Figure Four Weekly,
Sims noted that Mysterio had been invited to Sunday’s TripleMania event. At this
time, it is only a scheduled appearance, and he is not expected to wrestle.
Mysterio is looking to get out of WWE, but as previously reported, WWE feels
that he owes them a year because of the time he’s been off due to

Mysterio is still a WWE employee, but rumors are that he
stopped cashing his WWE checks, and there were rumblings that the situation
could potentially become a legal issue. This is similar to CM Punk in some

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