Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles

A Trial Date in the Jeff Jarrett/GFW vs. Impact Wrestling/Anthem Set + Being The Elite (Video)


A trial date for the lawsuit brought on by Jeff Jarrett and GFW against Impact Wrestling has been set. According to reports, the trial will begin on June 30th. The two sides had been trying to negotiate a settlement but they were unable to do so. The judge in the case, which was filed in Tennessee Middle District Court, had ordered mediation between the two sides last month. Jeff Jarrett was there in person while Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm was there by teleconference as he’s currently in Canada and can’t enter the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the official court filing, the “trial date is realistic notwithstanding COVID-19, and the parties shall anticipate going forward on that date.” The trial is expected to last between five and seven days.

For those unaware, Jeff Jarrett sued Impact Wrestling and Anthem Media claiming Anthem used his GFW Amped tapes without his permission. He also claims they wouldn’t return the masters, which were apparently deleted by Anthem.

You can check out the latest edition of “Being The Elite” below:

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