A Video Of The WWE Divas Reacting To Madusa To The HOF + HBK Reacts To WWE’s PG Product


— Shawn Michaels recently spoke to The Christian Post about WWE becoming a more profitable company now that they are a PG-product. Below is an excerpt from the interview, which you can check out in full at ChristianPost.com.

“It was very successful and lucrative for the guys in it at that time but when wrestling first went sort of mainstream so to speak in the 80s, with Hulk Hogan in it, that was certainly more PG than it was Attitude Era. I would say that way back when in the 50s when it was again on at primetime it was the Gorgeous George era, it was more, certainly more realistic but it wasn’t Attitude Era. People talk about the Attitude Era as if it was some kind of longstanding, it was a four-year run out of a line of work that’s been around for fifty-plus years. I would always have to say that ultimately everything is done more for the bottom line of making a profit. WWE is more profitable if it appeals to more people.”


— WWE posted the following video of the Divas reacting to Madusa‚Äôs Hall of Fame announcement:

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