A.W.’s Latest Tweets + Talents Privately Praising Him


A.W. tweeted the following on Saturday:

If I smoked crack or did steroids I’d get suspended but I made a joke and tweeted support Linda and I get fired. #Doesn’tAddUp #Hmmmmm

People are asking me to bash the WWE. I’m not going to do that but I will point out my discrepancies. There are too many men and women…

…that put their lives on the line for this job. I respect all my fellow former employees. They deserve so much better. Maybe one day.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about anyone on a personal level. It’s the higher up politics that are BS. My lockeroom was great. #ThankU

As we exclusively noted earlier here on the website, A.W. is basically saying what over half the current WWE roster wants to say and would say if they were to be released from the company. The issue is these guys love working for WWE and aren’t trying to get fired; they simply want to be paid what they deserve with the company making millions of dollars, especially on overseas tours and pay-per-view events. Numerous mid-card talents are “playing it smart” and are still trying to figure out a way to go about calling out the company without losing their jobs. As we’ve been reporting, they feel now is the time to speak out with Linda McMahon’s senate campaign. It’s interesting that after our reports broke about talents only being paid $500 bonuses on the recent Brazilian tour where WWE made millions of dollars, the company sent out a mass text message on Friday informing them that they’d be paid more. Many feel it’s basically “damage control” as they don’t want this news to leak to Linda McMahon’s senate campaign as it would obviously open her up to numerous attacks by her opponents. There likely would have been nothing done if that news hadn’t leaked out and Linda McMahon wasn’t running. Stay tuned for more.

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